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Spa Medique's Approach 

Beautiful skin doesn't have a specific look. It can have wrinkles, pores, blemishes, and imperfections. No matter what your skin looks like beautiful skin is healthy skin and looks different on everyone. 

At Spa Medique, we aim to provide personalized skin care that is as unqiue as our clients and their goals. Working and developing relationships with our clients to help them achieve their healthiest skin and become the best version of themselves. 

What to Expect During Your First Visit 

For all new clients we do an introductory consultation.  We’ll begin the consultation by evaluating your skin, answering your questions and discussing a few different options to achieve your desired results.

We’re committed to creating a safe and uplifting environment in which to address your skin concerns. To get you on a path to your healthiest skin, we’ll ask about your health history, current skin condition, and skin care needs. Once we have all the info, we’ll create a treatment plan that suits your goals, lifestyle, and budget.

  • FAQ'S

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