20-Minute Facelift

Skin Tightening with Instant Results

20-MINUTE FACELIFT™ is a custom radiofrequency treatment protocol which lifts your cheeks, tightens baggy eyes and slims your jawline. Looking in the mirror for the first time is sure to EVOKE A “WOW” REACTION!

What is a 20-Minute Facelift Skin Tightening Treatment?
As we age, our skin loses collagen and it’s firm and youthful look. The 20- Minute Facelift is a safe non-invasive, pain-free, Radio Frequency (RF) treatment which targets the cheek and jowl area. EndyMed 3Deep RF technology stimulates the production of new collagen resulting in tighter, firmer skin. The 20-Minute Facelift is suitable for all skin types and produces noticeable immediate improvements with long-term results.

What to Expect When Coming in For Your 20-Minute Facelift
The consultation begins with reviewing your medical history with your technician, a receiving a complimentary facial analysis. This diagnostic tool provides a customized treatment plan to specifically target your problem areas.

The 20-Minute Facelift begins with a relaxing cleansing of your face. Once you are cleansed, a thin layer of ultrasonic gel is applied to the cheek area to allow the EndyMed handpiece to glide over your skin. Your skin temperature is constantly monitored during your treatment as the deep layers of your skin are gradually heated, triggering the production of new collagen fibers. Clients comment it feels like a warm massage of their face.

 $299 per treatment. Call us at (603) 347-8206 for your free consult.