Facial Rejuvenation


We all want picture-perfect skin, but nature has a way of presenting frustrating imperfections, particularly as we age and sun damage accumulates. Spa Medique offers noninvasive and effective photo facials for the treatment of sun damage and visible veins using Palomar RejuveLux™ Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. This technology provides skin-safe, comfortable, and proven results available without the need for surgical procedures, meaning you’ll experience virtually no downtime.

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This unique IPL photofacial treatment targets unwanted pigment. The pigmented color is drawn it to the surface of the skin, and it exfoliates naturally with the assistance of Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peels. This process minimizes the appearance of pores and corrects uneven tones, age spots, sun spots, and rosacea. Typical areas for photorejuvenation are the face, hands, and chest. For the best results, most people require between 4 to 6 treatments at one-month intervals.




BBL is an innovative technology that sets new standards for skin conditions associated with aging, active lifestyles, and sun damage. Removes Sun Damage, Dark Spots, and Acne Scars




Beautifying client’s hands one at a time in an effort to reach our goal of 300 sets of hands.

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